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Virtual Reality Is Making Its Mark!


As you may already be aware, virtual reality technology (VR) is truly making its mark on the event industry! At Prismm, we have been watching the trend for quite a while and have witnessed the evolution of VR from it’s novelty aspect to where it is now, legitimate, critical, MUST HAVE business tool.

Virtual Reality is all the hype right now, especially with our visually-obsessed culture! It boosts customer engagement, while also improving our services in the event business.

The ability to now walk floorplans in advance of an actual event has a positive impact on both accuracy and accountability, only made possible by virtual reality technology.

We can all agree that the event industry is in the business of creating experiences.

Prismm’s VR provides vivid 3D visualization technology, pre-delivering experiences to venues, vendors, and clients in a way that has never previously been possible. We are revolutionizing our industry and our services!

Use VR to Sell an Event Space

Imagine you are a venue with a property that has a spectacular ballroom with beautiful crystal chandeliers, a magnificent view of the city lights. You are thousands of miles from your property with a potential client who is looking for an event space. You take out your VR headset and you ask the client to have a look. Within a matter of seconds, you have transported your client into the world of your venue! They are immersed inside a visual walk around of your property without needing to be on-site.

VR assists vendors in selling their space and services as it allows potential clients to generate a vision in advance of what their event would look like. Event planners are using Virtual Reality as well to generate and present ideas for the space that they may not have visualized without the VR option.

VR Is Accessible

VR is more accessible today than ever before. Many brands are coming out with VR headsets which many stores are beginning to carry, such as Wal-Mart. Facebook has led the quest to bring VR to one billion people with the introduction of Oculus Go, the first standalone headset. These headsets  have no connector wires, so the user enjoys more flexibility to use VR in a variety of contexts.

Where Virtual Reality Is Going

Technology will always continue to impact the events industry in new and exciting ways. VR should be thought of as the next iPad. Most specifically, destination planning will involve a whole new approach. Clients who can’t travel from site to site during venue selection and planning can now walk these sites with VR!  Clients now have control over their planning in a way that has never been possible.

It’s critical to learn all you can right now about VR in terms of the equipment, platforms and how it works as virtual reality is set to become the next gold standard of event industry technology. You’ll stay ahead of the game and be ready when your clients demand the cutting edge virtual planning experience.

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