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Allseated enters a new era as Prismm and launches a new innovative technology platform


Allseated enters a new era as Prismm and launches a new innovative technology platform.

The company rebrands and bolsters its first-of-its-kind portfolio of 3D spatial design and event planning under the all-new Prismm platform.

SAN FRANCISCO, 22 January 2024 — Allseated, a SaaS (Software as a Service) spatial design technology, has announced its new company identity, Prismm, and its newly unified Prismm Platform. The company’s rebranding and updated product category represents a significant milestone in its development, showcasing its dedication to pushing innovation and expansion with a renewed emphasis on surpassing customer expectations.

Allseated was launched in 2014 to revolutionize collaborative event management centered around planning and seating charts. With total funding of $40 million, ten years of growth and innovation, and 500,000 events, Allseated expanded its services to the building of dynamic 3D layouts of real-world spaces within minutes. The Prismm platform takes the dynamic 3D capabilities to the next level – 3D spatial design and management.

Professionals across the global venue and event industries can now seamlessly integrate cloud-based services into their work processes. These services can support a variety of tasks, such as showcasing, selling, planning, and designing spaces and events. Complemented by the revamped brand identity, the all-new Prismm Platform sets an industry gold standard by combining virtual touring and selling with event designing and management.

Using cutting-edge technology, Prismm enables users to create customized virtual walkthroughs of a physical space, brought to life by dynamic 3D layouts and experiences, within just a few minutes. It allows venues and event professionals across various departments and disciplines to work collaboratively in real time and provide customers with a holistic view of their projects in one destination.

A new vision for the future

Prismm offers a cloud-based technology suite that utilizes 3D spatial design technology – the first technology of its kind to bring venue spaces to life. The platform’s dynamic digital twins and photorealistic modeling enable self-guided and sales-assisted virtual tours, allowing prospects and customers to access venues anytime, anywhere via the embedded website canvas and engage brands via rich, interactive, and memorable experiences.

Teams can now utilize virtual collaboration tools to connect in real-time within a virtual space. The platform enables team members to collaborate, create their vision, provide design notes and feedback, and save every true-to-scale detail in a single source-of-truth shareable canvas. It also allows sales teams to streamline their lead qualification process, enabling instant bookers to close deals quickly and providing more time to focus on high-value prospects. The platform shortens sales cycles, increases conversion rates, and lowers costs, all while supporting the company’s sustainability goals.

Key features of the Prismm platform include:

  • Virtualization.
    Whether elevating on-site client visits or breaking free from scheduling and lengthy site inspections, dynamic digital twins can be configured to showcase multiple layouts for multiple experiences within multiple spaces at any venue on-site or remotely. Revenue teams can upload photos of designed spaces, 2D-floor plans, and other documentation to a virtual catalog, enriching the self-guided tour experience of their digital twins. Rich media can be inserted into any experience, including branding elements like a logo or promotional video, directly into the dynamic layout.
  • Collaboration.
    Digital twins make collaboration a breeze with the help of personalized links. These links allow multiple collaborators to contribute their ideas and watch as their ideas disperse in spectacular ways. Ideas can be easily shared with the entire team through in-tour video conferencing or asynchronous. Additionally, planners can leverage the powers of the digital twin to enhance their planning process. The platform’s new home dashboard makes managing all upcoming experiences and events easy, with a comprehensive and flexible selection of layout collections and assets.
  • Analytics and Measurement.
    Venues or vendors can gain valuable insights from the virtual catalog hosting the digital twins and 3D models, including engagement data such as the number of views and clicks. Sales teams can use this data to optimize key points of their guided tours, and marketing can measure their campaigns’ effectiveness in driving and converting traffic.

Yaron Lipshitz, Chief Executive Officer of Prismm, says, “We are at a pivotal moment as a company and as an industry. With the monumental challenges facing the events sector worldwide over the past few years, we redefined the Prismm platform to bring experiences to life no matter one’s location. Our modern technology effectively transforms space and event management’s disparate sales, marketing, and operational components into a captivating, comprehensive client experience.”

“In a world of countless client options, your opportunity to impress a client with the potential of a space can be fleeting. If the experience does not deliver, you risk losing business”, adds Lipshitz. “In a highly competitive environment, it’s imperative to harness the power of technology to improve top and bottom line and differentiate versus the competition.”

New year, new identity

With the new platform, Prismm also revamped its brand identity. The company’s new visual approach captures its pioneering nature and unrelenting focus on excellence in the constantly evolving spatial and event landscape. The rebrand encapsulates the company’s core principles through a contemporary design that resonates with its future vision, mission, and values. This update is a testament to Prismm’s commitment to innovation and unwavering dedication to providing its clients with extraordinary experiences.

“In the ever-evolving business world, adaptability is the key to sustained success. We are not just changing our image; we are evolving and aligning ourselves with the dynamic needs of our customers and the rapidly shifting market trends. The decision to rebrand is rooted in a deep understanding of our identity, strengths, and the unique value we bring. We are excited about the future as Prismm”, concludes Lipshitz.

For more information about  Prismm, please visit www.prismm.com.


About Prismm

Prismm is a global leader and top provider of spatial design technology with a clientele of over 5,000 organizations. Its innovative platform aims to revolutionize how people connect and collaborate within virtual environments and experiences. By enabling professionals to plan, design, and visualize spaces in harmony with their clients, Prismm is changing the game for venue and planning experts and reshaping how they market and sell to a worldwide audience.

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