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Allseated has become Prismm

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Allseated has changed to Prismm

Blog March 8 2024
Allseated has changed to Prismm

Allseated has all changed

Ok, so by now, you’ll have realized something quite massive has happened. We’ve had a bit of a change, and what was once Allseated, a global event planning and design leader, has evolved.

Resplendent with a new brand name and identity, Prismm is on a mission to transform the way we all connect, collaborate, and transact across virtual environments and experiences. By bringing our technology to space and event management, we enable clients to showcase, sell, and visualize spaces dynamically and collaboratively, closing the gap between sales, operations, and clients.


A rebrand to redefine space

As Allseated, we were an event planning and design company for the hospitality and events industry. We still are — but as we looked to the future, we thought –  why limit ourselves? Put simply, there are so many other areas, other industries, and other lives that could benefit from the talent and technology we now have. So, it’s time to show the world what we can do. 

By 2028, 25% of public spaces will use dynamic, 3D maps for design, planning, and collaboration and the digital twin market is set to grow to $35.8bn by 2025. Both of these statistics speak to us as a business. We’ve championed spatial design technology and led the industry, forging ahead to promote its uses. 

And now, as Prismm, we can show space in a new light — to shorten sales cycles, increase close rates, cut costs, and support sustainability, all while engaging and delighting you.

The same but different

Yes, we have a new name and a snazzy new look, but we’re still the same people. It’s still the same folks that you’ll speak with and meet.  It’s still the same team developing cutting-edge technologies. 

So what hasn’t changed our culture? This rebrand represents our continued commitment to innovation and unwavering dedication to providing extraordinary experiences. We believe that our spatial design technology is unlike any other in the industry, and we’re still pioneers with an unrelenting focus on excellence in the constantly evolving spatial and event landscape. 


What’s in a name?

Oh, our new name? Brilliant isn’t it? Thanks for noticing! Where did it come from, though? A prism paints pictures of color, creativity, and transformation. A prism can separate a single beam of white light into a full spectrum of all possible colors — just like our ability to create infinite possibilities in virtual space. We should add, that it is a deliberate misspelling. The double ‘m’ at the end is a reflection of the brand’s creative and playful nature. The connectors between the two characters provide a sense of continuity, a reference to our ability to explore infinite possibilities of space. It also represents the idea of the ‘digital twin’, the physical and the virtual.  

And you’ll notice that the colors that a prism creates from that single beam of light are cunningly included in our new logo and brand colors. 

So, with our new brand identity, you can expect to see a lot more of us. A lot. And in the meantime,  if you want to explore the Prismm platform, contact us here for a demonstration

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