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READY, SET, GO: Beginning Your Wedding Venue Search


We love to educate our users on all details of the event planning process and who better to ask for insight than the pros in our industry?

We recently spoke with Madison Gentile, the Catering Sales Manager at The Chubb Hotel and Conference Center in Lafayette Hill, PA for advice on how to handle the beginning stages of a wedding venue search.

You’re engaged! Now what? This is a common question newly engaged couples will often ask themselves. You finally got the ring; next up on the list, picking the perfect wedding venue. 

I have been in the wedding planning and special event industry for over 10 years. As a former bride myself, I can tell you finding the perfect wedding venue isn’t as easy as it seems. Recently, I was invited to tour wedding venues with my sister-in-law and her fiancé. It got me thinking about the wedding venue selection journey and how couples end up choosing the perfect wedding venue for their big day. But, you have to start somewhere, right?

They were “newbies” to the wedding planning process and slightly overwhelmed at where to begin the venue search. I imagine most couples feel the exact same way starting out. The truth is, it is overwhelming and you don’t know what you don’t know – and guess what, that’s okay!  So, where do you start?


First things first, have the conversation with your significant other. Yes, you may have planned your wedding ten times over in your head, but what has your fiancé envisioned? Discuss factors that would be deal breakers, things you could live without, but most importantly, things that are important to the two of you! The perfect venue is going to have a combination of characteristics that you both want for the big day. 


Secondly, make a list! Who’s invited to the wedding? It is important to have a general idea of how many guests you are expecting in order to make your venue search more efficient. It will help you weed out any venues that are too small or too big. Plus, it’s going to be one of the first questions any venue will ask you upon inquiring, and you’ll want to be prepared!

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Thirdly, consider the location. Is a destination wedding a possibility? Are you hoping to keep the nuptials local for the convenience of your guests? There are thousands of wedding venues out there, but once you choose a general location, it will make your venue search a lot less overwhelming.


 Lastly, ask yourself the oh-so dreaded question, whose footing the bill? It’s not time to create the wedding budget just yet, but it’s important to know where the funds will be coming from as you being the venue search. Once this question is answered, then you can start researching venues and formulating a realistic budget. 

So, you’ve had the talk with your significant other, you’ve created a guest list, established a general location and determined who is footing the bill. You’re finally ready to begin your venue search. Ready, set, go! 

Happy Planning!

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