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Top Tips For Holiday Party Seating

Blog November 5 2022

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s quite likely you are currently planning a holiday party or large family gathering. If you are still wondering how to handle your holiday party seating options, who better to assist you than Prismm?! We put together our top seating tips to help you out!


Assign Tables But Not Seats

If you are hosting a party with at least 20 guests and serving food, we recommend having a seating arrangement plan in place. If you’re striving for a laid-back, casual feel we suggest assigning tables – not seats – for your guests. Table assignments guarantee that couples can sit together (even if they arrive late) and will help keep guests at ease as they have a place to sit.


Mingle Your Guests Through The Seating Plan

While family dynamics can sometimes get complicated during holiday parties and gatherings, it can still be a great idea to blend families and friends throughout the seating chart. Keep in mind the guests you know shouldn’t be seated together and then from there, consider blending your tables with guests that you feel could really get along if they had the opportunity to get to know each other better!


Make It Lounge

If you are looking to take the laid-back vibe a step further, skip assigning tables and go lounge style! Group together couches, small tables and chairs, allowing guests to mingle and sit where they want in a comfortable, laid back setting.


Kids Only Section

A kids-only section will help the children at your gathering to feel special and welcome. Consider setting up the kids tables to double as art stations which will provided seated entertainment throughout the party. Choose a white, paper tablecloth in place of a linen. Place crayons in little cans or buckets along with foam stickers and paper placements to give the children a place to color, eat, create and play!


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