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2018 Event Tech Trends



Technology trends are possibly the most difficult for events professionals to stay ahead of as they change quickly and evolve overnight. They revolutionize what we do, often well before we realize that there is an application for new tech or a need that tech could fill.

2018 promises to be an exciting year in technology for the events industry. Here are some of the trends we’re anticipating will take off or continue to rise in popularity as the year progresses.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Imagine you are a venue with a property that has a spectacular ballroom with beautiful crystal chandeliers, a magnificent view of the city lights. You are thousands of miles from your property and sitting in a café with a potential client who is looking for an event space. Sure, you could paint a picture with words, or show static photos of past events to try to sell your client on your space, but you could also do better.

What if you pulled out your Oculus Go Virtual Reality (VR) headset and tell your client to have a look. You’ve transported your client into your venue world within seconds, immersing them in a visual walk around your property with music and the sounds of the location. Once immersed, your clients can even access a dropdown menu that will build out tons of ideas for them to touch, feel and explore.

We are definitely seeing a trend toward the increased use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in events.

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