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Allseated has become Prismm

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What’s New: December Release Pt. 1

Product Release

11th December 2023

Great design is in the details. Do more with creative seating options and new objects. The following release notes include enhanced design functionality for ceremony chairs and a new feature – accent pillows for sofas and lounge chairs.


Enhancements for Ceremony Chairs:

  1. Layout ceremony chairs in a Chevron pattern.
    Easily apply this distinctive pattern to your chair arrangements with a new Chevron preset.
  2. Create curved designs.
    Create unique and personalized chair arrangements effortlessly with a Curve Slider.
  3. Customize chair rows.
    a. Enjoy enhanced control with the new context menu for adding or removing chairs from individual rows.
    b. Number or letter individual rows for easy identification and use the sorting function to organize rows in ascending or descending order based on specified values.
  4. Number chairs.
    Number individual chairs with ease. Use the toggle functionality to number chairs from right to left or left to right, offering flexible arrangement and organization.
  1. Enhance visual appeal of sofas and lounge chairs.
    Access a collection of pillows from the AFR & CORT furniture libraries.
  2. Layer pillows.
    Get comprehensive control over pillows, including addition, positioning, layering, and rotation along the X, Y, & Z axes, enabling creative arrangements.
  3. Use 3D viewer for seamless positioning
    Located within the properties window, use the new 3D viewer to help precisely place and align pillows.

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