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Allseated has become Prismm

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Showcase your brand, sell more, and scale operations with the Prismm platform


By 2028, 20% of immersive experiences will be web-based, up from less than 1% today. Quite simply, using the Prismm platform means you won’t be left behind.

The Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel features an elegant lounge with high ceilings, large windows, ornate architectural details, green sofas, black tables, and chairs. A bar counter is visible at the back. Potted plants are placed throughout the space. This space is designed to showcase the enterprise brand.

Enterprise event design tools for business

The Prismm platform brings together showcasing and selling your spaces with designing and planning spaces, enabling your teams to work together in perfect harmony, selling more, faster, and more efficiently.

A modern living room with large floor-to-ceiling windows, two white chairs, a small round table, and plants. The room is brightly lit with natural light.

Bring clients’ visions to life, wherever, whenever

With Prismm, you can virtually collaborate with clients to create their vision while helping them save on costly travel and carbon emissions. For onsite visits, Prismm enables you to create the space while in the space. By bridging this gap and helping them visualize the possibilities for their event, you move them one step closer to sealing the deal.

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An image representing how you as an event venue marketing professional can showcase your enterprise space.

It’s easier to sell…

The more you know. With the Prismm platform, you can provide valuable insights about what matters to clients when touring your site and what specific prospects are reviewing. Sales can follow up directly with prospects and other stakeholders in the digital twin, collecting and storing important details at every stage of the process. Large deals can be sold in minutes versus days or weeks.

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Several tables are setup with green tablecloths. This illustrates the flexibility of the Prismm platform and how layouts can serve different purposes.

Optimized operational efficiency equals a happy staff and a happy bottom line.

The Prismm platform unifies all functions of space and event showcasing, selling, designing, and planning into one platform. Your staff and clients work together in one source of truth workspace, ensuring everyone is always on the same page. From the important to the intricate, collaborating inside your digital twin streamlines the planning and sharpens the execution.

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Implementing and effectively using new technology can be daunting.

The Prismm platform is designed to be effortless. Most clients are up and running in a matter of hours to days, depending on the size of their property. See for yourself.

A woman holds a tablet and while collaborating across a remote meeting on her laptop.

It’s better together

The Prismm platform integrates seamlessly with your existing tech and can be completely tailored to your unique business needs. And because it connects sales and operations in one unified platform, it connects previously disparate systems.

A woman is smiling while she receives an in-depth onboarding experience from a customer success expert.

Cue the training montage

We start with an in-depth onboarding conducted by our Customer Success experts. And they don’t leave you after onboarding; they continue with you, providing training sessions whenever you need them, empowering your team to maximize the potential of our platform from day one to day 1001 and beyond.

A man and a woman sit together at a desk, looking at a laptop. A person sitting across from them has their hand visible, gesturing. A plant and a window are in the background.

You work round the clock, and so do we

With both emails and live chat, our dedicated Support team is available around the clock to provide the help you need when you need it. We’re always here to help, provided it’s not about your annual safety quiz — you’re on your own there. (Try C). 

Responsible for more than you might think

An effective corporate responsibility program is critical in this day and age. This is why the Prismm platform supports your, and your clients’, CR efforts.


Keep Mother Nature happy

The Prismm platform facilitates venue tours and event planning from anywhere worldwide without requiring travel. Save the planet. Save time. Make Mother Nature happy and maybe she will make all your events sunny ones.

We’ve done the complex thinking, so you don’t have to

As a browser-based solution, the Prismm platform is easy to learn and use, with no special skills required and minimal training needed.

All right stop, collaborate and listen

No need for group emails or awkward conference calls. All stakeholders can engage together in real time to create a unified event plan — reducing stress and improving morale.

Be secure in our compliance

Achieving the highest industry standards for availability and reliability is incredibly hard. We should know; we exceed them with our commitment to security, stability, and compliance.


Designed to meet changing needs

Technology ecosystems can be very fragile. This is why the Prismm Platform, with API with webhooks infrastructure, means we can expand on demand without causing waves.

Safety first

We place huge emphasis on security and quality compliance at every level. In fact, our ISO certification aligns with the very highest safety and quality standards.

Tippy top standards for availability and reliability

Our MongoDB Database (if you know, you know) is saved in multiple replicas all the time. Nothing is lost. Everything is safe. Just as it should be.


Including Allseated (now Prismm platform) as part of our selling process has given us the opportunity to show current and prospective clients our spaces in various setups, giving them the ability to envision their event with us before it takes place, without having them come onsite. This sets us apart from our competitors.”

Isabel Sibürge
Director of Convention Sales Germany


  • The Prismm platform acts as a transformational bridge between real and virtual worlds, evolving how people visualize, design, plan, sell, and experience spaces.

  • Put simply, it’s software that interacts with real-world locations. It’s used to visualize, manipulate, analyze, display, and record physical environments.

Rows of chairs virtually setup in a space at Marriott.

customer profile

A grand solution for a grand hotel


JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel in Romania is 5-star par excellence. But what wasn’t excellent was their struggle to show 3D meeting room layouts, hindering their ability to engage and close deals with clients. Enter Prismm…

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