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Wedding planning software

Nearly 30% of brides spend 7-12 months planning their weddings


You could spend those 7-12 months chasing emails, handling phone calls, juggling site visits, and making endless alterations to wedding floor plans. Or you could use Prismm.

Wedding planning software rendering from Prismm's platform. The space at the Four Seasons Toronto Tor-Vinci Ballroom includes 3D chairs and tables.

Wedding venue floor plan software

Formerly Allseated, as a wedding planning platform Prismm allows you to easily design floor plans, arrange seating, manage guest lists, and to efficiently collaborate with wedding couples. And their in-laws.

An outdoor wedding space features rows of white chairs. There are also two prominent palm trees and a number of other plants that are pleasant.

Jim can come but Sue can’t. Carol likes Sue but not Jim. So, where does Brian sit?

Guest lists can change. Who can make it? Who can’t? It can change on a dime. Manage all of that, and the resulting seating chart, all with a click of  button from inside the Prismm Platform — including plotting timelines for crucial dates and decisions.



An indoor wedding space featuring tables and chairs.

Piece of cake

Easily create, and amend, floor plan layouts and seating arrangements to give couples complete peace of mind as all floor plans and furniture pieces are built to scale. Our wedding planner software will allow you to show clients exactly what tabletops and buffets will look like. *chef’s kiss*



This is another image of the Four Seasons Toronto Tor-Vinci Ballroom's wedding space in the Prismm platform.

It’s your day; make it your vision

Bring your dreams to life with our extensive venue and design inventory. From the big decisions to the fine detail, you can tailor the space to your exact needs — no compromises necessary. Well, other than letting Uncle Harry ‘sing’ you down the aisle.



Move from pen to Prismm

From missed messages to rows in a spreadsheet, leave all of that behind with our wedding planning software. An all-digital platform makes collaboration easier than ever before.

A woman compares her notes to an open laptop in front of a blue design element in the background. The woman is making sure that she has not missed anything in her wedding planning.

An ‘oh yes’ doesn’t need to lead to an ‘oh no’

Late RSVPs shouldn’t mean a last-minute meltdown, and with the Prismm platform’s always-on real-time collaboration capabilities, it won’t. In fact, changes to meals or seating plans are also a snip.

Three friends sit together. They are closely studying an open laptop.

No waste, no cry

Amend the guest list, food choices, and the seating plans from one centralized workspace. With better planning comes reduced waste, helping to make every wedding a sustainable one.

A man with glasses and a beard is smiling while talking to a colleague during a meeting at a table. Books and tablets are on the table, and large windows are in the background.

Get more people to say ‘I do’

Recommendations and positive reviews can help to fill your calendar. Use the Prismm platform to showcase your space’s potential and delight each couple.



Prismm has brought true operational efficiency into our office. Our floorplans are designed & scaled, we share them with our brides, and they love the guest list features too.”

Meryl Snow
Co-founder and Owner


  • The Prismm platform acts as a transformational bridge between real and virtual worlds, evolving how people visualize, design, plan, sell, and experience spaces.

  • Put simply, it’s software that interacts with real-world locations. It’s used to visualize, manipulate, analyze, display, and record physical environments.

  • The Prismm platform provides collaborative planning tools to manage the guest list, design floor plans and view in 3D, and create seating arrangements all in one place. Our spatial design technology keeps you organized and gives you a way to plan virtually, all while simplifying the wedding planning process.

  • Yes, you can design a wedding seating chart in the Prismm platform! Once the event is created, the floor plan is designed, and RSVPs are listed in the guest list, it’s quick and easy to seat guests at the tables in the floor plan. You can also seat guests at specific seats at tables if desired. It’s simple to make changes, too, with all information updated in real-time.

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