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Manage every single detail from the event plan to the layout

Manage every single detail from the floor plan to event orchestration.
Creating an amazing space does not start in a shared spreadsheet. Hard to follow, impossible to know who is who or to track comments, it is not the event planner’s friend. Prismm is. Our cloud-based solution is accessible to all the right people so you can follow discussions and decisions.


Floor planning software screenshot from the Prismm platform.

Event design software for collaborative planning

Seamlessly streamline processes and communications with all your stakeholders, share designs and updates with a click of a button, and do it all in a single source of truth workspace with laser accuracy. Yes, please.

A calming image of a bar area meant to represent how designing events with Prismm reduces stress.

All together, all the time

No more manual spreadsheets mixed with email chaos when planning and executing an event. With the Prismm platform, every detail that goes into designing an event is captured in a personalized workspace for each client. We have you covered no matter where you, your customers, or your vendors are as long as they’re on Earth.

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The digital twin of an event space showing how it can reduce costs and improve sustainability.

Saving the planet shouldn’t cost the Earth

By meeting and collaborating with your prospects within the digital twin of the event space, you get time back in your day and save on travel costs and clients’ money, effort, and time. Not to mention reducing everyone’s carbon footprint, making Mother Nature smile.

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An image of a virtual space.

Make that change

Make changes to designs and collaborate in real-time, either virtually or in face-to-face meetings. Comment, rearrange venue floor plans, and use the virtual space created in your digital twin as your canvas. You Picasso, you.

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The one source of truth to unite them all

Blue, green, teal — everyone sees things in their own unique way, which is why it’s ideal to manage them all from one centralized event planning platform that enables you to cut through confusion and get to commitment.


Two event planners looking at a laptop and smiling while they agree on how to design the space.

The choice is theirs

A consolidated planning workspace streamlines the planning and design processes, with the flexibility for clients to pick and choose what features they want, and create the go-to space for your team and stakeholders.

Two people in a professional setting are conversing. One person, wearing glasses and a light-colored suit, is smiling while listening.

No panic, no sweat. No doubt.

With our pre-existing layouts, the Prismm platform lets you make updates and amends from last-minute wobbles to last-minute wishes, even on the day of the experience. And it’ll notify all the relevant parties too, so no one is surprised. No matter how far along you are designing your event venue, our software guarantees all parties are on the same page before your event begins.

A modern indoor space with large windows, contemporary furniture, and a central round ceiling light fixture. The room features a glass partition, high tables, and wooden accents.

Want not, waste not

Managing every detail means even waste — food, beverages, any disposable items — is kept to a minimum or eliminated entirely. Good for finances and the environment.


Puff n stuff logo

Allseated (now Prismm platform) has made planning events so much easier! I cannot imagine going back to PDF files nor can I imagine what it was like before we were able to collaborate in real time with our clients. We adore the 3D tools and seeing our floor plans come to life is a game changer for our clients.”

Warren Dietel
Owner & President, Puff N Stuff Catering & Events


  • The Prismm platform is a transformational bridge between real and virtual worlds, evolving how people visualize, design, plan, sell, and experience spaces.

  • Put simply, it’s software that interacts with real-world locations. It’s used to visualize, manipulate, analyze, display, and record physical environments. The Prismm platform gives you limitless ways to redesign your event floor plan. The software’s features include birds-eye view capabilities, table rearranging, color scheme swap-outs, and so much more.

  • Event design software gives your clients the ability to see ideas come to life on the screen. Prismm’s event planning design software lets you change everything from the colors of the chairs to the lighting fixtures and even the venue layout. Make your client’s vision a reality; our software allows users to see exactly what a venue would look like with various design elements.

  • Once you’ve provided us with imagery of a venue, our team will create an exact digital replica. From there, you can give your clients access to the floor plan, and they can take a virtual tour to understand the venue layout. Design changes your clients want can be made directly in the platform. So, whether your clients need to see their layout with a tiki bar or a bounce house, you can make any adjustments necessary in real time.

  • You can create multiple floor plans for different layout options of the same event. You have the freedom to repeatedly adjust your event layout. Design software for event planning through the Prismm platform allows you to see all the ways you can convert an empty room into an unforgettable experience.

  • Typically, understanding how a venue would look with certain changes requires physically visiting the location, which can be time-consuming. However, with the Prismm platform, it’s easier than ever to preview changes virtually using our software. For event design professionals seeking to streamline their workflow, this platform is a game changer. You can save time driving to and from venues, giving you more time to pursue new clients, communicate with vendors, or complete any other tasks with your newfound free time.

  • If perfecting a physical space is essential to the experience you want to create, then the Prismm platform is your solution. Our platform offers templates for a wide range of events, including bar mitzvahs, conferences, weddings, and virtually anything else you can imagine regarding event layouts. The software allows you to easily rearrange furniture and add decor with just a few clicks. It’s hard to imagine an event where such capabilities wouldn’t be useful.

  • No, we want to make this technology as accessible as possible. All that is needed is an internet connection. Easy!

A grand ballroom from The Plaza New York with ornate decor is set up for an event with round tables covered in white tablecloths and white chairs arranged around each table.

Customer profile

Changing spaces at the Plaza


At the Plaza, the hottest spot north of Havana, music and passion were always the fashion with CPS Events overseeing all social, corporate, and non-profit events. And the event managers needed a platform to create to-scale renderings of their spaces for each new event. The perfect challenge for Prismm to answer.

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