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Effortlessly Design 3D Table Settings 

Create realistic 3D table settings that can be used across your designs in a matter of moments, where designing your event’s table settings is as fun as arranging a bouquet of flowers! Say goodbye to the constraints of 2D and hello to a world of creativity and efficiency that brings your vision to life.
An elegant table setting showing how effortlessly you can design in the Prismm platform.


With the Prismm platform, simplify the process of creating and managing table settings for your events. From visualizing the layout of a table setting to sharing instructions with your team, our tool is designed to streamline your workflow and ensure every detail is perfect. *chef kiss*.

Table settings in a large room with red carpeting. One table is adjusted at an angle.

Import and Seat Guests

Let Your Creativity Soar

See your designs come to life before your eyes and make real-time tweaks to your table settings until it’s just right.

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Rows of chairs are lined up facing a stage where there are empty seats.

Apply Designs with a Click

Explore changes big and small with our table planning software. Create designs for one table or all tables with a simple click. Consistency has never been easier!

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A map of how table settings will appear in a 2D perspective.

3D Designs, 2D Prints

Your table settings designs can be viewed in dazzling 3D within your entire event layout, but also can be viewed in 2D for easy edits and the ability to print to share your plans with other teams like venue event managers, caterers, and IT on the day of an event for perfect execution. Get everyone on the same page with our virtual table planner.

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The one source of truth to unite them all

Blue, green, teal — everyone sees things in their own unique way, which is why it’s ideal to manage them all from one centralized event planning platform that enables you to cut through confusion and get to commitment.


A man smiles thinking about the efficiency of using the Prismm platform.

Efficiency at its Best

Design one table setting and magically apply that setting to all other seats at the table. Spend less time planning. Time-saving? Absolutely!

Two planners look at a laptop while they smile; agreeing on the table settings.

Customization Galore

With our table planner, you can build dining tables, buffet tables, and more, all customized to match your event’s aesthetic. Choose from a rainbow of linen colors, table settings, centerpieces, and more to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Two employees look at a venue and agree to save their work to finish later.

Visualize and Save for Later

See your designs in 3D and save them as layouts for use at similar event types to make future idea sharing and make planning a breeze. We’ll digitally store the designs you create with our table layout generator, eliminating the need for physical storage in a filing cabinet.


Allseated (now Prismm platform) has made planning events so much easier! I cannot imagine going back to PDF files nor can I imagine what it was like before we were able to collaborate in real time with our clients. We adore the 3D tools and seeing our floor plans come to life is a game changer for our clients.”

Warren Dietel
Owner & President, Puff N Stuff Catering & Events


  • The Prismm platform is a transformational bridge between real and virtual worlds, evolving how people visualize, design, plan, sell, and experience spaces.

  • Put simply, it’s software that interacts with real-world locations. It’s used to visualize, manipulate, analyze, display, and record physical environments.

  • You can create multiple floor plans for different layout options of the same event.

  • No, we want to make this technology as accessible as possible. All that is needed is an internet connection. Easy!

  • A table planner is a virtual tool for creating, designing, and managing event seating arrangements. It empowers you to change the table layout, design the decor, move guests around, see different table shapes, and more. With just a few clicks, you can preview how bamboo chairs versus vinyl ones will look at your wedding, conference, or other event.

  • Our team will create a digital twin of your venue. Then, you can access, explore, and design your space, all in our cloud-based platform. Choose from different floor plan templates. Play with our design tools to find inspiration for color schemes, materials, and event table layouts. A generator tool like Prismm lets you discover the endless potential of your space without leaving your laptop.

  • Save time and skip the in-person meetups with Prismm. Once you’ve created a table plan you love, our platform will generate a shareable link that you can send to prospective clients. You can text, DM, or email the link, and the recipient can view it on almost any device. There’s no need to download our table plan software or sign up for a membership — all your clients need to view your designs is that shareable link.

  • Hey, we get it: you want to get to know us before you commit to us. That’s why we offer free trials. Whether you want to experience Prismm’s full spectrum of solutions or just want to check out our event table planner, you can create a limited number of events on Prismm, free of charge.

  • A well-planned wedding seating chart ensures your social circles interact just how you want them to. Instead of creating a wall of polaroids of all your guests, use Prismm. With our table layout software, you can create virtual seating charts, making adjustments as those late RSVPs trickle in and the guest list evolves. So you can simply click, drag, and drop your parents across the dance floor (but we don’t recommend trying that in real life).

A grand ballroom from The Plaza New York with ornate decor is set up for an event with round tables covered in white tablecloths and white chairs arranged around each table.

Customer profile

Changing spaces at the Plaza


At the Plaza, the hottest spot north of Havana, music and passion were always the fashion with CPS Events overseeing all social, corporate, and non-profit events. And the event managers needed a platform to create to-scale renderings of their spaces for each new event. The perfect challenge for Prismm to answer.

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