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Allseated has become Prismm

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Open eyes. Build relationships. Create loyalty.

Transform your physical space into a digital twin and enable more people around the world to explore your spaces, anytime, anywhere. How did it look, how it does look, and how it can look in the future. Beautiful.

An image representing how you as an event venue marketing professional can showcase your enterprise space.

Event Venue marketing

The market for a space isn’t just who’s on your doorstep to take a physical tour. It’s everyone in the world who might want to visit your destination. The Prismm platform provides personalized, photo-realistic digital twins that bring your self-guided event venue tour to life for every prospect who visits your website.

A spacious, modern banquet hall with long tables set for a formal event, featuring large windows, an upper mezzanine, and contemporary decor.

Move on from static 2D floor plans

Our personalized, dynamic 3D digital twin enables clients to explore the empty space and view potential layouts to help them create their vision. Change how clients see space — no telescope needed.

Prism_Divider Asset_Second Tint
A spacious banquet hall with set tables and chairs, large windows offering a city view, and modern ceiling lighting.

Is that a photo of a penguin?

It could be if that’s what you want. Integrate your own videos, colors, fonts, and more into your media gallery to make your digital twin tour on brand. By including rich content overlays within your virtual space, it can be fully customized for every occasion.

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Interior of a modern room event space with exposed brick walls, arched windows, a chandelier, and assorted furniture including armchairs, a round table with chairs, and a shelving unit.

Space isn’t one-dimensional

The Prismm platform allows you to save layouts to showcase the potential of your space — quickly moving between any number of options at the touch of a button. Or the click of a mouse. Eek!

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Understand more to market better

By seeing how people interact with your space, you can create better event venue advertising, positioning your space to meet the needs of your audience.

An empty room with brick walls, tall arched windows, hardwood floors, and three chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. A double door is centered on the opposite wall. Both you and your clients can use Prismm’s spatial design technology to visualize how you could use this space.

A picture can paint a thousand words

Sometimes, people can’t describe exactly what they want. And sometimes, you can’t describe what your space could look like. Prismm’s spatial design technology means both you and your clients can visualize the event space exactly how you both picture it.

A man in a casual shirt is sitting on a couch while using a tablet. A patterned blue graphic design is in the background.

Watch and learn

Get insights on how people are interacting with your virtual space across various layouts, and use this to better position your spaces and their capabilities across marketing assets online and offline.

A man with a beard sits at a table in an office, holding a tablet. He is engaged in a discussion with clients who are only partially visible. The background is teal with white geometric lines.

Love isn’t the only universal language

Easy to understand with accessible layouts means you can use the Prismm platform in minutes. Because it is so intuitive, language doesn’t become a barrier, so wherever you and your clients are, you can immerse yourselves in your space’s potential.

Create better lead quality for Sales

Become the hero of the Sales Department’s dreams by using your virtual tour and catalog to glean insights on what converts prospects into hot leads.


A spacious, empty room with large floor-to-ceiling windows, a patterned carpet, and modern ceiling lights. The windows offer a view of a cityscape outside. This represents how you can understand how people interact with your virtual spaces.

Improve your spatial awareness

Was it the bar or the baroque ceiling that sealed the deal for your prospect? Well, now you’ll know. Gain the ability to understand how people interact with your virtual spaces — where they spent the most time, and what layout caught their attention.

A woman in a white sleeveless top uses a tablet for day of planning and event execution. She is in an indoor setting with a patterned light display in the background.

CRM integration

Integrate with your CRM system for a holistic lead and customer management experience and easily hand off your prospects to Sales, with all insights properly captured, including customer notes.

A server in an apron prepares a table in a restaurant, arranging glassware and napkins. The restaurant has red chairs and is decorated with plants.

Increased lead intelligence

Analyze and prioritize potential prospects with data knowledge on how they explored and engaged your digital twin. Bonus — you can pass it on to your Sales team to do what they do best even better.



With Allseated (now Prismm) our clients’ experience was enhanced, being able to navigate easily on our venue spaces, with immediate visualization of their set-up desires. Personalization became instant, selling efficiency increased, and all the involved parts now stay easily in permanent contact.”

Iulia Popescue
Director of Event Management


  • The platform acts as a transformational bridge between real and virtual worlds, evolving how people visualize, design, plan, sell, and experience spaces.

  • Put simply, it’s software that interacts with real-world locations. It is used to visualize, manipulate, analyze, display, and record physical environments.

  • Yes, it is possible to do this — showing how your space is completely customizable, helping the client to envision their experience.

  • No, we want to make this technology as accessible as possible. All that is needed is an internet connection. Easy!

A grand ballroom from The Plaza New York with ornate decor is set up for an event with round tables covered in white tablecloths and white chairs arranged around each table.

customer profile

Why exploring space isn’t a luxury


The Plaza, a New York City icon since 1907, has become a byword for luxury. But in keeping pace with the modern world, The Plaza realized that how it was planning events wasn’t luxury. Its systems still meant clients had to travel or rely on photos to see the space. It was time for a change. It was time for Prismm.

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