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5 Tips For Recovering From Your Wedding

Blog August 18 2019

You have put months (if not years!) of time and energy into planning your wedding. The excitement, anticipation and adrenaline motivated you through not only the planning process but the special day too!

It’s only natural that after the event takes place, you feel out of sorts, unsure of what to do or feel next.

We put together this awesome list of 5 ways to help you recover from your wedding because knowing what to expect and what to do AFTER the big day can help you to recover quickly and bounce back into your regular routine as soon as possible!

1. Schedule time off

If your honeymoon is immediately after your wedding, the vacation helps to extend the wedding mood while keeping you removed from the reality of routine. Once you come back though, or if you haven’t gone away after the fun of your wedding day, you may need a few days off from work just to get back to feeling “normal”.

Take a few days to decompress, relax, restock the fridge and organize your life in order to feel refreshed and ready for your usual routine.

2. Allow yourself to bask in the afterglow

Give yourself time to discuss, relive and hang on every detail of your wedding. Chat with friends and family about each and every aspect of your special day, find out what they loved and allow yourself these moments to be proud of your planning!

3. Make Acknowledgements

Start your thank you cards as soon as possible and make acknowledgements to those who supported you throughout the process.

Be it vendors, friends or family, this process will help you to relive the fun while showing appreciation after the fact.

Starting up the thank you card process and associated acknowledgements are also considered crucial steps in helping you to move on and move forward after your wedding.

4. Get Back To Your Exercise & Healthy Diet Routine

It’s quite possible that you followed a strict exercise and diet routine in the months leading up to your wedding only to let it go at the height of the planning and then during the wedding weekend and honeymoon.

Now is the time to get back on track with healthy meal prep and an exercise routine. Routine helps the body find a rhythm while healthy habits make us feel good about ourselves which carries over into every other aspect of our lives.

Stock the fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, make use of the kitchen items you received as gifts from your wedding registry and start prepping those healthy meals for two at home!

Be sure to follow Prismm’s Healthy Habits board on Pinterest for even more healthy inspiration!

5. Remember that it’s not about the wedding but about the new life ahead of you.

Sometimes people experience the after wedding let down and fall into an upset state of mind rather than looking forward to the new life ahead. Rather than be disappointed that your big party is over, choose to reflect fondly on the details while getting excited about your new life together.

You can always look back at the wedding photos and look forward to your anniversary each year as the special reminder of not only your marriage but the beautiful wedding you worked so hard to plan!

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