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A Venue Marketing Toolkit to Increase Sales with Event Organizers and Planners


One of the biggest pluses about modern marketing today is that venues of all sizes now have many more options to showcase their unique features and capabilities. A plethora of digital marketing tools – many of which are free or extremely affordable – makes it simpler for venues to build a powerful and impactful presence, and market their services in a highly effective manner.

However, while it’s easier to create and execute marketing initiatives, that doesn’t mean the bar for polished materials has changed. If anything, organizers and planners are increasingly savvy and have higher expectations when they shop venues. Less than professional sales or marketing collateral leads to a lackluster first impression that can quickly become a turn-off to future business.

To look impressive to potential clients and increase sales, these are the 5 must-have venue marketing tools.


1. Accurate Floorplans


One of the most asked questions by an organizer or planner is, “How will my set-up look in the venue?”

Venues have long known that providing floorplans with different room set-ups as well as specific placement for tables, chairs, and even extras like buffet tables or entertainment help planners and organizers visualize their specific event.

But thanks to technology, flat, 2D floorplans alone no longer provide enough detail or visual interest. Organizers and planners expect a wide range of floorplan views, including those like Prismm’s 3D which offers viewing in both first person and bird’s eye view as well as Prismm’s Virtual Reality, to truly make it feel as if you’re actually immersed in the space.

And as part of any floorplans you utilize and share, don’t forget to include everything else organizers or planners need to know – like rigging points, electric connections, locations of pillars, and load-in and out areas.


2. Eye-Catching Images


As the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And it’s just as important for venues to use eye-catching images in their marketing and sales materials. Visuals showing different layouts, configurations and combinations of rooms create excitement and interest.

While smartphones pictures are sufficient for casual sharing, high-quality professional photos should take front and center in marketing and sales collateral. The right lighting, perspective and staging takes a space from ho-hum to stunning and goes a long way in creating a positive first impression.

One more tip when it comes to using eye-catching images. Go beyond empty rooms. Visuals with event attendees experiencing and enjoying your venue add an emotional layer and create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out).


3. Dynamic Video


Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine? As such, video is an important part of any marketing and sales toolkit, especially for venues.

Just like photos, there are several different ways video can be used to increase the effectiveness of sales and marketing materials:

  • Facility tours to showcase the overall floorplan
  • Immersive VR walkthroughs to help planners and organizers visualize function spaces, helping to reduce or eliminate in-person site inspections
  • Passionate stories from venue staff explaining their role in your event success
  • Testimonials from a variety of happy customers representing different types of events and audiences about their overall experience at the venue

4. Achievements & Awards


There are a variety of psychology principles used to attract, convince and influence target audiences. One of the most popular concepts is that of social proof – the theory that people will adopt the beliefs or actions of a group of people they like or trust.

Venues can tap into this powerful psychology principle by promoting achievements like sustainability designations received or awards won in their marketing and sales efforts. One way to think of it: if a widely known expert or trusted association gives a venue an impressive award, then this must be a trusted venue.

Another way to increase the effectiveness of venue marketing materials is to include promotions of achievements or awards won by employees, such as average retention and tenure rates or designations earned like Certified Meeting Professional.


5. Your “Unicorn” Story


Every venue has a unique story – whether it’s the interesting backstory or unusual history of the venue, a specialty item that’s included with every rental, a secret house recipe, or some other “unicorn” element.

Including features like these in your marketing and sales collateral are a great way to bring your venue to life in a very “human”, relatable level – providing a unique opportunity to stand out among other facilities.

With growing competition, incorporating these powerful tools in your marketing toolkit positions your venue in the best light and paves the way for increasing sales.

To learn more about using Prismm’s 3D and VR floor plans in your venue’s marketing toolkit, contact us for more information.

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