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Mitzvah Seating Ideas

Blog July 21 2020

Brynne Magaziner of Pop Color Events is here today as a contributor to the Prismm blog to discuss Mitzvah Seating Ideas.

Mitzvah planning often requires extra special attention to the event seating arrangements due to the number of guests who are children in relation to the number of adult guests on the list.

Seating arrangements for the kids vary greatly from the seating arrangements for adults as they each have different needs and expectations. This is important to know so that you can effectively arrange  your seating plans for your mitzvah party.

The Adult Guests:

Adults like to have an assigned table (and sometimes, even an assigned seat at the table!) and that won’t change anytime soon. If you are looking to get a bit more creative though with seating your adult guests, you do have options.

Instead of seating your adult guests at traditional round tables, consider long banquet tables or square tables. Getting away from the traditional round table offers yours guests a more unique experience while giving your event space a less fussy feel.

The Kid Guests:

There is far more flexibility when it comes to seating (or not seating!) the kids at your mitzvah party. The majority of Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties have a kids only area which has open, unassigned seating for kids, often considered the “Kids Lounge.”

This “Kids Lounge” seating can be a mix of LED furniture, lounge furniture, cafe-style seating and long banquet tables (ala Harry Potter) in a variety of different styles. Keep in mind that the kids won’t be seated for very long, but it is nice for them to have some sort seat and table to place their plate when eating. Eating pasta on your lap (or even worse, the floor!) while wearing fancy clothes is a recipe for disaster!

Playing around with a kids lounge provides you the opportunity to get creative with the many furniture options available.

LED Furniture

Want your event to glow? LED furniture from ottomans to tables will make your feel totally custom since you can change their color to suit the color scheme or put a wrap with the event logo on it.

Traditional lounge furniture like couches, loveseats and ottomans can be accented with custom logoed pillows or pillows in the event’s color scheme. Mix up the lounge area by using furniture of different sizes and shapes–serpentine, curved, benches, couches, etc.

Within your Prismm account, you will have access to a wide variety of Cort Furniture to choose from! It’s really fun and easy to select the furniture pieces you wish to use and then arrange them on your floorplan.

Cafe-Style Seating

High tables with bar stools give kids a place to eat that is not their laps or the floor. Adding this option helps kids feel grown up and it adds height to the room, creating more visual interest. Fun bar stools can totally change the room’s appearance.

Table Seating

Seating kid guests at tables of a different shape than the adult tables also helps to differentiate their areas should you choose not to go with lounge style seating. Long rows of rectangular banquet seats or serpentine tables are another way to add visual interest to a space.

The beauty of using your Prismm account for your floorplans is your ability to play around with the furniture options, creating the perfect Mitzvah seating style for your Mitzvah party!

Brynne Magaziner is the owner and Chief Magic Maker at Pop Color Events, a boutique event planning firm specializing in Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah party planning in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

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