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Allseated has become Prismm

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New Features Have Been Added!


We work hard at continuing to bring you awesome new features that will save you time and make your planning even easier. Here’s a peak at latest new features!

Sticky Ruler

You can now have multiple rulers laid out on the floorplan and have them stick to the floorplan as you work. The rulers will stay in position as you zoom in, zoom out, or even move the floorplan around.

Auto Layout for Seating

Quickly populate the floorplan with auto-layout options for Chevron, U-Shape, Classroom, Schoolroom, Conference and Banquet Style Seating in any direction.

Multiple Objects

You can now bulk change their rotation, chairs position and chairs count.

Multiple Floorplans PDF & Print

Print or PDF export all floorplans you have created at once. To do so, simply select “Include All Floorplans” checkbox.

Lock Objects

You can now lock objects on the floorplan to keep them in place. Place items on a stage or dance floor, lock them, and move the stage and dance floor around as you wish.

Lock items by selecting the items you wish to lock and clicking the “Lock” icon on the top left of the options window.

Chair Orientation

Rotate the chair orientation at tables to face any direction you’d like. This works for all Banquet and Conference style set-ups.

Place a table with seats on the floorplan and click the “Orientation” icon to rotate the chairs to face any direction.

Private Furniture Collections

Venues can now have their unique furniture shown in 3D on their floorplans.

Furniture Rental Companies can now have a digital showroom with their furniture items branded to use on floorplans and view in 3D. Please email furniture@prismm.com.

Tents – They Are Here!!!

Tents have arrived! If you are a tent company or want to introduce us to a tent company, please email furniture@prismm.com

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