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Allseated has become Prismm

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Prismm featured in Event Planner News Journal

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Prismm featured in Event Planner News Journal

 Erin Rooney, Chief Marketing Officer, wrote a guest post about sustainability, inspired by Earth Day 2024

SAN FRANCISCO, 30 April 2024 — Erin Ronney explains how digital twins are fostering a more sustainable events industry. The integration of spatial design technology paves the way for greener future events.

Erin Rooney emphasizes the urgent need for sustainability in the events industry, historically notorious for its environmental impact. With the advent of spatial technology like 3D digital twins, planners can now visualize and plan events digitally, slashing emissions and minimizing waste. Digital twins offer sustainability benefits by maximizing resources and facilitating data-driven decisions, leading to more efficient operations and greater collaboration. This shift towards sustainability, enabled by technology, is crucial in addressing climate change and meeting consumer demands for greener events.


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Event Planner News (EPN) is an independent and advert free service. Their goal is to document and support the event industry.

About Prismm

Prismm is a global leader and top provider of spatial design technology with a clientele of over 5,000 organizations. Its innovative platform aims to revolutionize how people connect and collaborate within virtual environments and experiences. By enabling professionals to plan, design, and visualize spaces in harmony with their clients, Prismm is changing the game for venue and planning experts and reshaping how they market and sell to a worldwide audience.

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