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May Release: Flexibility and Control of Your Spaces

Product Release
20th May 2024
Embedded Media - branding

This month’s release contains many new features that make it easier to control and personalize your venue’s spaces and your created floorplans. With a focus on creating a more streamlined and engaging experience for your customers, learn how a dash of personalization and accessibility can go a long way!


Personalize like never before with Embedded Media

Now, you can embed your own or your prospect’s media, including branded images, photos, and playable videos, into your dynamic 3D virtual catalogs to make your designs and spaced even more immersive, engaging, and relevant to your customers. Work with our Design Studio team to create a layout template for your space and upload the media you want to use in your floor plan using the Shareable Link. Once you share your designs, anyone can view your floor plans with your branded media elements appearing directly within your dynamic 3D digital twin. To learn more about getting started, contact your Customer Success Manager or follow the instructions in our Help Center.


Comments in Shareable Link: Collaborate Seamlessly

Shareable Link Commenting

Whether viewing 3D designs on a video call or independently via a Shareable Link, anyone can now leave and respond to comments directly within your 3D virtual tour. This feature enhances collaboration and communication, making it easier to gather feedback and adjust in real time or have an easy-to-understand list of feedback for a planner to adjust when the time is right. Collaboration made easy!

Mobile Web Support: Your Virtual Catalog Accessible Anywhere at Any Time!

Mobile Web Support

Your virtual catalog is now responsive in portrait view on mobile web browsers. Enjoy easier navigation, switching between spaces and layouts, a helpful navigation popup, and a convenient contact venue form—all optimized for your mobile experience. Now, anyone can view your spaces anytime, anywhere, no matter what the device! 

3D Model Enhancement: Finer Details, Greater Realism

3D Model Improvements

We’ve also made some exciting enhancements to our 3D models, including texture updates to 3D linens and new 3D glassware models. These enhancements add a touch of realism and detail to your floorplan designs, making them even more impressive and lifelike.

We’re excited to bring you more exciting product enhancements in the future. If you would like to learn more or get started with the new enhancements at Prismm, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information. 



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