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5 Helpful Seating Chart Tips


Prismm’s planning features are both time saving and stress relieving which is awesome for your wedding planning process!

However, we do not want want you wasting hours of stressful time figuring out how and where to seat your guests when it comes time to tackling your seating arrangements so we are here to help!

We put together these 5 helpful seating chart tips to keep in mind before embarking on the seating process:


1. Think ahead and organize your guest list — well before it’s time to arrange your seating chart.

Since drafting your guest list should be one of the first things you do, make sure you put it together in an organized fashion. Group your guests as you list them – college friends, family, colleagues, special needs guests – these categories will help you later on when it is time to assign your guests to their tables.

While traditional table groupings may involve categories such as family, colleagues, college friends and family friends, another important category is “special needs guests.”

Using the label of special needs is important for those guests who may not be able to walk far into a room, may need close access to a bathroom or have hearing issues which affects how far away/how close you need to seat them in relation to the band.


2. Give the bride’s family and the groom’s family, especially the parents and grandparents, prime tables.

Make sure that they are seating closest to the dance floor and not rows of tables behind the dance floor, not near the kitchen or the exit.


3. Seat your young adult guests near the music.

They are the least likely to mind! And, they will be out there dancing most of the time, not sitting at their table unelss the food is being served.


4. Don’t seat the older guests too close to the music.

You will never hear the end of it from these guests if you don’t listen to this tip! It is extremely rare that older guests want to be on top of or too close to the music. Since they may like to sit in their seats more than other guests during the affair, being seated too close to the music can make this very uncomfortable.


5. Take into consideration relationships and dynamics of your guests.

It’s so important to create great tables but it is also important to realize that you may not be able to avoid blending people together who really have nothing in common! Just try your best to make good matches with your table seating.


Sometimes you may need to speak to your guests in advance regarding where you will be seating them at your wedding. Let them know how much they mean to you but, “I’m going to sit you with my distance Aunt Edna from another planet!!!!”

We hope this helps, Happy Planning!

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