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A Guide to Shopping for Wedding Candles


Candles are definitely staple in any wedding décor scheme.

From centerpieces to ceremony design, the versatile lighting pieces can play a role in every part of a wedding.

When shopping for candles, it’s easy to get caught off-guard by all the different types, shapes, and sizes of them!

To make the process of selecting wedding candles for your special day, here’s a breakdown of what to look for when shopping for candles.

What type of candles do you want?

Candles tend to fall under one of two categories: the traditional wicked wax candle or the battery-operated LED counterpart.

Wax candles are a popular favorite as they offer that warm, flickering glow that is oh so romantic. LED candles are eco-friendly and energy-efficient options that are ideal for indoor events as they carry no fire risk. LED candles come in all colors and sizes and some may have the soft flicker of a wax candle.

What shape and size do you want?

Do you know the main differences between the types of candles available?

Pillar candles are a popular choice for centerpieces and for placing in vases and vessels, due to their thick and sturdy nature. They are long-lasting and can light up quite a large area.

Taper candles are tall and thin making them ideal for a candelabra placed on guest tables or at the welcome table. These are great for glamorous events, as well as vintage events.

Floating candles are perfect for literally floating in water! These are especially popular for centerpieces that have vessels filled with water and flowers.

Votive candles and tea light candles are the smaller options which are best placed in cups and scattered on tables throughout the event space.

Due to their size, votive candles make the most impact when used in abundance.

The more, the merrier!

What kind of wax do you want?

Your basic candle is made of paraffin wax.

Wedding couples today are becoming more environmentally conscious, so if ‘going green’ is a concern for you, consider soy, palm, or beeswax candles. These options are considered eco-friendly choices that will minimize your wedding’s footprint.

As you shop for candles, consider the vessels too. You don’t want to pick out a bunch of pillars when you’ve already had your eye on the vintage candelabra at the thrift store.

Take your time and evaluate all of your options when planning your wedding décor scheme!

Audrey Isaac is the spokesperson for 100Candles.com, an online market that pairs high quality candles with unmatched customer service. From weddings and birthdays to holiday parties and fundraisers, 100Candles.com has enjoyed celebrating life’s biggest moments along with their customers since 2002.

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