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How to Throw a Successful Product Launch Event


A product launch event is an opportunity to showcase your newest product to investors, customers, and influencers. A launch event has become an essential component of any product roll-out, due in part to the buzz it generates throughout the industry and across social media. If you want to make an impact with an upcoming product launch, brand-focused and customized elements must define the message and purpose behind your brand and product. To make a statement and throw a successful product launch, go outside-the-box and create displays that will make an impact with guests far after the event has ended.

Choose the Right Product Launch Event Theme

The very best product launch event themes will create a cohesive message and provide a memorable guest experience. Your product launch party can serve many purposes — it can dazzle your guests with an immersive experience or create space for education and discussion. Your launch event may center on the product itself or promote your overall brand personality. When choosing the theme of your launch party, consider the primary goal of the event and the key message you want your guests to take away. Choose a theme that is relevant to your industry; When you create a product launch party theme that is cohesive, relevant and inspirational, it will leave a lasting impression on your guests and get your new product recognized.

Select the Perfect Venue

Your event venue should match the theme of your product launch party and the personality of your brand. If your company is youthful and fun, your venue can be unique and exciting. If luxury and class are the foundation of your brand, your event location should be sophisticated and elegant. Your event venue should be exciting and unique, without outshining your product. If your guests are mesmerized by the vaulted ceilings and striking architecture of your venue, it may distract their attention from the main attraction — your new product. Your venue should provide a blank canvas for you to craft an experience around your product.

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Focus In on Décor

When the day of your product launch event finally arrives, event décor can make or break the event. Décor is an essential element of a memorable product launch event. Event décor creates a cohesive theme and expresses your brand in every detail of your party. Décor encompasses a variety of elements that contribute to your guests’ experiences at your launch party. Podiums, furniture, stages, backdrops, table décor and more can all work to create a product launch that guests will never forget.

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Themed Product Vignettes

At a product launch event, it’s important to showcase products in a non-traditional way if you want them to be remembered. Your new product launch ideas should include features and displays that will get people excited about your latest creation. For edible products, your customers should be able to taste the food or drink themselves. For products like cars or equipment, guests should be able to touch and interact with the product. Branded product displays allow your product to take center stage and truly shine.

Bring Your Product to Life

Grab guests’ attention with a larger than life spin on a product. Whether it’s a shoe, lipstick or handbag, countless numbers of products can be transformed into oversized creations. You can use a variety of elements to create the pieces, both floral and non-floral. Not only is it a statement piece, but it is very Instagrammable. Look for posts of your creations all over your guests’ feeds!

Impactful Photo Moments

If you want your product launch event to have a truly lasting impact, photos are a great way to keep your event fresh in your guests’ minds. Inspire guests to take pictures at your launch event by crafting irresistible photo opportunities with photo walls, flowers, art installations, window displays, and other Instagrammable decorations. When guests take photos they can’t wait to share online, you will enjoy free advertising for your product and brand. Encourage guests to take photos during your event by featuring one-of-a-kind photo moments. Each photo moment must speak to your product while adding an inviting aspect to entice attendees to take photos. An environment must be curated to align with the product and impress guests enough to share memories from the launch.

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Product displays that speak to both your brand and product will increase brand awareness and encourage guests to learn more. As an event design company that specializes in branding, we thank B Floral for sharing this informative article on how to throw a successful product launch event.  Visit the B Floral website to learn more.

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