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How To Use Prismm Physical Distancing Tool For Events


As we begin to further open up and transition safely back to events, it’s important to have the planning tools you need in place.

With the need to adhere to guidelines that can change frequently, Prismm’s Physical Distance Tool allows you to design event layouts with safety in mind while meeting local regulations.

Recently featured on NBC News NOW with Alison Morris, using the physical distance tool, you can:

  • Create an event layout that meets distancing guidelines to run a safe distance event.
  • Visualize the floorplan with distancing in place.
  • Better understand how new guidelines will affect capacity.

Here’s how to use Prismm’s physical distance tool for events:

Begin by selecting the display settings the icon that has a number one, and turn the physical distancing tool on. There is a default setting of six feet, but you can manually change it depending on your country or state’s regulations. Once this is on, you can close this box.

Next, go to the objects and choose your table. Once the table is on the floorplan, the chairs turn red. The red indicates a distance of fewer than six feet between chairs. Prismm’s algorithm is built measuring from chair to chair and is continuously calculating the distance between the chairs. The chairs tab allows you to lower the number of chairs until they are no longer red. Once there is no red showing, your table is safe with six feet between each chair.

Once the chairs on the table are distanced at six feet apart, you can clone your table to fill up the space. Select the space tool to start spacing the tables. Again, it’s always calculating from chair to chair, so you can space your tables until the red disappears to ensure all of the chairs at each table are positioned six feet from each other.

It can take some time to find the right balance in your floorplan, we suggest you work slowly to find the right distance between tables. Once you find the correct spacing, you can either copy-paste or clone your tables to fill your socially-distanced floorplan.


You will repeat this process for any shape or size table. You can also use this tool for ceremony chairs and our regular distancing tool in the object bar will allow for all furniture distancing, which is not currently under the physical distancing algorithm but still calculates the distance.

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