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How Your Venue Can Be the Netflix in the Events Industry

Blog August 20 2022

If you went next door to your neighbor’s home and turned on their Netflix, you’ll find that their main menu looks different from your menu. Displayed film and TV recommendations are based on your choices. But it doesn’t stop there. Film covers are even personalized featuring actors and actresses you’ve watched on the platform.

Netflix follows your every move, from when you hit pause during a show to collecting your interests. With 300 million and growing member profiles, it’s mind-blowing to think that possibly not one person has the same Netflix homepage. That is some true personalization skills!

Perhaps this is what has the entire world constantly going back to their Netflix, and why it’s been difficult for competitors to catch up. Personalization is what keeps people happy, engaged and loyal. No one in the world is exactly alike, and it’s something we need to keep in mind when it comes to marketing, especially in the event industry.

When it comes to marketing your event venue, one of the most important aspects of personalization is making prospects feel as though your site is created just for them. To see it is to believe it, right? When planners can visualize exactly how your venue will look to attendees, it’s easier to start picturing having an event in your space.

For venues who want to offer that level of personalization like Netflix, Prismm’s platform offers immersive 3D viewing and virtual walkthroughs of individual floorplans, customized to each event. The platform even allows organizers or event guests to personalize how they want to view the floorplan, with options to visualize their upcoming experience via online, mobile app, or VR.  These personalized floorplans amp up excitement and anticipation.

Here are three ways your venue can be like Netflix and incorporate personalization with  2D/3D renderings and immersive, photorealistic viewing.

Start with a warm and personal welcome.

Talk about a warm and personal welcome: Coachella’s organizers sent out VR headsets to ticket-buyers in every welcome package, giving guests access to specific stages before, during and after the festival.

Of course, it isn’t really realistic to send VR headsets to all your guests. But thanks to Prismm, in addition to using VR headsets, you can still allow attendees to virtually tour a floorplan on your event website through the use of a website widget.

Allowing attendees to see the floorplan before the event gives them an ultimate personal experience. Attendees feel as though you called them up and personally invited them to the venue to explore on their very own. By virtually walking around, they can learn the floorplan and visualize their day at the event, and can even ease any anxiety of not knowing the location.

Open up the personal experience for those who can’t attend.
3D floorplans and virtual tours open up an experience to either new attendees who were skeptical to go all in or those who couldn’t make it.

If non-attendees have a good time with their personal experience of the dimensional walkthrough, they’re more likely going to try to be there in person for the next event.

Adding this kind of personal experience for those who aren’t at the event also creates engagement, giving those who aren’t there to talk about an event they normally wouldn’t be able to experience if it wasn’t for technology.

Make your clients feel like a priority.

Whether you opt for 2D, 3D or 360 VR, these options allow both planners and guests to visualize what the end result will look like. And compared to a flat, static drawing, viewers can move around and have a look from every view and angle — giving them a true VIP experience that makes it feel as the floor plan is made just for them and something other venues simply don’t provide.

Personalization is only going to become more prevalent in our lives. Beyond Netflix, customers are already demanding brands to be meet their needs and expectations on a customized, personal level. Using 360 and 2D/3D floor plans instantly set your venue apart in a world where more and more personalization is expected.

To see how your venue can benefit from personalized virtual walkthroughs and 2D/3D floor plans, contact us for a demo.

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