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Prismm FAQ: Collaboration


You may have noticed all of this talk about collaboration and inviting others into your Prismm account.

But what does this mean exactly? Who are you supposed to include in your planning process?

Who should you invite into your account and why?

And, most importantly, how?

Not to worry, we are going to cover all things collaboration in today’s post!

So, to begin, let’s start with who you should invite into your account and why:

Your Venue.

As the host, you want to invite your venue into your Prismm account because they will be able to give you the floorplan of your event space with accurate measurements for us to load into the system.

You will need this floorplan available to you for when you are ready to play around with designing your floorplan layout and arranging your seating plan. Having an accurate floorplan in the system will assist you in accurately arranging your tables to fit perfectly within you  event space.

Your venue is the most knowledgeable when it comes to knowing their event space. They will even be able to help you select the furniture to use from the objects menu for your layout based upon what they have available at the venue.

Your Caterer.

Sometimes you have a full-service venue (with an in-house caterer) and sometimes, you need to hire a caterer. If that is the case, you will want to invite your caterer into your account too!

The caterer is often in charge of setting up your affair. Along with getting the final count of meal types which are easily entered and stored in your account, the caterer can help you to build your floorplan layout, including the placement of your tables and chairs. The caterer will also have access to the final counts for meal types since they are easily tracked and stored in your account as well.

They will also have access to your event timeline. The timeline allows your invited vendors, including the caterer, to see the assigned tasks so that everyone is on the same page regarding the schedule of events which allows for everything to run smoothly.

Florist, Entertainment, Decorator, Calligrapher & Other Vendors.

Your florist, decorator, entertainment company, calligrapher — all should be welcomed into your account so that they can see the timeline, task assignments and floorplan layouts.

When you invite your calligrapher into your account to access the master guest list for your invitations, he or she will have accurate counts and mailing information. And, if you are hosting multiple events (engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding, brunch), all details are organized and included.

Since all event information is updated in real time, your vendors will always have the most recent and accurate information regarding your affair. The beauty of using Prismm is that you are no longer using multiple spreadsheets — streamlining your information all in one place removes the change of error.

Don’t forget your family and friends!

If you want help from your mom, sister, mother-in-law, aunt or best friend, invite them into your account. They may be able to assist you in arranging your seating chart. They will also feel special because you valued their opinion and included them in the planning of your special day.

How To Invite Someone Into Your Account:

It’s really easy! In the Details section of your Prismm account, you will see a “Vendor” option. Click to “Add Vendor.”

You will then see a pop-up appear that allows you to easily select your vendor type. Once that is selected, you can do a quick search to locate your vendor, or, send them an email directly from the vendor type pop-up to invite them into your account.

You will also have the option to manage their permissions which allows you to select what you want each specific vendor to have access to in your account. Really cool, right?

Since you are the host at your affair, you also have the option to have an entourage! Your entourage would include any family member or friend you wish to ask into your account.

It’s really easy to invite your entourage! Simply click “Add User” in the Entourage section of your Details page. A pop up will appear allowing you to add a user.

Go ahead, invite them on in and start collaborating!

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