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Wedding Table Decor & Design Ideas


Wedding table decorations and event design can go a long way in ensuring a wedding is a smashing success. Creating a gorgeous tableau for your wedding reception adds grace and elegance to the overall wedding experience.

Often overlooked is the fact that the tables within a wedding floorplan play a predominant role in the overall decor vision for a wedding reception. From tabletop decor to wedding table settings, there are many variables at play when designing tablescapes for weddings.

Let’s take a look at the top wedding table decor ideas and what to consider when designing wedding tablescapes.

Start With The Event Space

When deciding upon the wedding table decorations for a wedding, it’s important to factor in the event space to form the overall decor vision. Is the space indoors or outdoors? What are the colors of the space? How may the layout impact your decor? Getting a feel for the venue and the event space will help to narrow down the colors, fabrics, and overall vibe you are looking to achieve for the wedding table settings.

Consider Seating Arrangements

The table shape and seating arrangement style can enhance the look of the overall wedding reception while adding to the décor and color schemes. Consider adding a backdrop to the cake table or head table to accentuate the wedding theme and design.

There are many seating styles to choose from when planning a wedding layout. When arranging your floorplan in your Prismm account, consider a circular seating arrangement an option for making it easier for people to move around freely and mingle. Oval tables are another option that allows guests an easy way to converse when compared to rectangular tables. Remember that buffet tables and dinner spreads are invariably arranged in U shapes or L shapes to allow ease of movement.

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Best Practices For Designing Wedding Tabletop

Once you have understood the venue and the seating arrangements, it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin in the process of designing a wedding tabletop. Heather Rouffe, the Managing Partner at Atlas Event Rental, always suggests starting the process by selecting the table linen first.

The linen is like the base of an outfit. You normally wouldn’t select your earrings before the dress, right?

Table linens

There’s been a shift towards adding drama and glam to tabletops and wedding table settings through the use of table linens. Linens come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials, and selecting the right linen style for your wedding will enhance your overall wedding theme and experience.

When it comes to selecting the best linen for your wedding table decorations, the first step is to check with the venue to see which types and styles of linens they have on hand. If you don’t see a linen style you want to use, reaching out to a local event rental company would help you to see a wider variety of linens available and they would be able to assist you in creating the best decor vision for the wedding.

Linen Fabrics and Textures

Selecting the fabric and texture of the table linens for a wedding will depend largely upon the season and overall event vision. For example, cozy fabrics and natural textures are a great way to bring the feelings of fall and winter into the wedding table decorations. Think burlap for more rustic looks as well as silks, and luxurious velvets in rich, bold colors. Don’t be afraid to incorporate unexpected elements here too. According to Rouffe,  “Our clients love our Zest fabric line, which has a texture similar to burlap but has glitter threads for a subtle sparkle.”

Traditional velvets are popular during the fall and winter months,” says Rouffe, “but liquid velvet linens add a touch of glamour and drama for fall events. It boasts the same lush texture as true velvet, but they drape the tables like liquid gold and provide a glamorous, all-over shine.

On the other hand, spring and summer will incorporate lightweight fabrics as well as pastel or bold, vibrant colors. As always, white, beige, and natural tones are great for adding a clean feel to any bold color, but they can also stand well on their own. Pair neutral linens with metallic details to embrace the metal trend without going overboard.

Jewel tones continue to be a popular choice, but with a lean towards the brighter hues — that means amethyst and sapphire are in, while deeper colors like burgundy are too heavy for the season. Softer shades, like blush and teal, are a way to bring a weighty velvet into the warmer wedding months.

Colors and Patterns

Wedding couples are often not afraid to go bold. If looking to break out the classic neutral shades, consider big, bold, and bright floral patterns, animal prints, and botanicals. Plus, there will be more options for brightly-hued china, flatware, and glassware, so the linens do not have to carry all of the weight. This allows for more mixing and matching for one-of-a-kind designs.

Prints are always going to be a trendy way to bring in some personality, but they do change from season to season..

Your table décor and your centerpieces should complement each other. Go for unexpected like rich blues and pair them with soft, feminine flowers for a unique take on the cooler months. Don’t be afraid to go bold with rich colors or choose one color for a monochromatic palette. Rouffe recommends using blue hues for fall. “Mixed with non-traditional elements and flowers, a blue color palette can enhance a room while maintaining a serene, peaceful vibe.

Photo Credit: @blinkandcompanyphoto

Jump to Chairs

Rather than jump straight to your tabletop ideas, we recommend selecting your chairs once the linen has been chosen.

After selecting your linens, move on to selecting your chairs. The chairs you choose will help to create the overall look and feel of your event.

For example, selecting a clear ghost chair will create a more modern look. For a tropical look, you would select a bamboo-style chair.

Photo Credit: Krystal Zaskey Photography

Move On To Designing Wedding Tabletop

Wedding tabletop decorations can be overwhelming because there are so many options!

This is why we save the tabletop items as the last step. Once you have the wedding table linen and chair selected, it is much easier to narrow down the chargers, then flatware, and the rest of the tabletop accessories needed to set the table.

If there’s a must-have piece you have fallen in love with like a specific charger, rose gold flatware, or a colored goblet, start with that item and then build out from there.


Use Prismm’s Designer Tools to build to-scale tabletop and buffet displays within your floorplans! The designer tools let you see exactly what fits to scale on the tabletops in your floorplans which means no more guesswork. Watch this quick video to learn more about Prismm’s Designer Tools!

Wedding Table Centerpieces

There are endless centerpiece options and ideas for you to choose from that will enhance the beauty of your wedding reception tables.

Consider unique items like leaves, faux diamonds and pearls, colorful stones, and frames to create a stunning impact on your centerpiece.

You can also create a range of tasty tidbits to choose from that double as centerpieces while adding to the uniqueness of your wedding.

Simultaneously you could also have an assortment of tall and short centerpieces to add to the visual appeal.

Photo Credit: Ka’mera Productions

Furniture and Decor

Bars are no longer just for serving drinks; they are focal points in today’s events and rightfully so. Gone are the days of Formica bars or linen-draped foldable tables. Wedding couples want their bars to make a statement with intentional design and functionality while adding to their wedding table decor scheme. Unique furniture and barware can quickly set apart a stylish bar; lush greenery takes it to the next level with beautiful living bars.

High-end furniture, bars, and mirrored tables are popular choices. As a whole, couples are looking for unique, non-traditional items that will set their wedding decorations apart from others. This will look different in every market, whether it is a reclaimed wooden arch adorned with crystals or a grand banquet table turned into an apothecary-inspired bar. Regardless, it is time to get creative, seek inspiration, and take your wedding design plans to the next level.

Wedding Lighting:

Further enhance your already beautiful wedding table décor through the use of lighting. Consider the use of various light sources to create a deeper, more visual impact on your table décor. Choose floating candles or tea lights as centerpieces or in small pots scattered around the table. You could also have candles or fairy lights in mirror reflective surfaces to increase the light around the table and make it look more stunning. Another fun option is to rope small flickering lights along the table to add to the elegance of your wedding reception.

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